Make a Difference on National Cleanup Day



Preserve the magic of green spaces for future generations to enjoy

If you’re like us, you love nature and care about preserving the world for generations to come. While choosing clean energy can curb air pollution, we must also do our part to protect our environment from litter that pollutes our land and waterways.

You’ve probably been in a situation where you’re dismayed by litter in a natural environment.

You’re walking through the trails of your favorite park, enjoying the warm sun on your face, a gentle breeze on your skin, and the sounds of birds singing in the distance. Suddenly, your tranquil experience is disrupted by an aluminum Coke can that you happen to kick as you walk.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Last year, we volunteered to clean up Buffalo Bayou Park on National Clean Up Day. This year, we invite you to join us and millions of volunteers on September 16th, 2023 to clean up the parks that provide a natural refuge for communities across the United States.

You can do your part wherever you are. Check out National Cleanup Day’s nationwide network of cleanups to find a local cleanup event near you in seconds.

Together, we can curb the harmful impacts that litter has on our environment

Litter leads to water and air pollution, kills wildlife, spreads disease, and costs taxpayers millions of dollars. In 2014, Texas alone spent $40 million on cleaning up litter. A 2020 national litter study found that there are nearly 50 billion pounds of litter in America.

Litter includes waste items such as plastic, paper, food waste, pet waste, and cigarette butts. In many cases, litter doesn’t get sorted and is burned all at once, releasing toxic emissions into the air.

As we’re cleaning up for National Clean Up Day, we encourage you to sort different types of litter, and dispose of each type in the most environmentally responsible way possible:

  • Most organic waste (food and plants) can be composted
  • Paper can be recycled or composted, depending on the type of paper and the inks used on the paper
  • Plastic bottle and aluminum cans should be recycled


Where are the best places to volunteer for National Cleanup Day?

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk along the beach and not have to worry about stepping on trash, or watch it wash up on the shore? Shouldn’t we be able to hike along our favorite trails without worrying about broken glass or watching wildlife contend with food wrappers and plastic bags?

These majestic landscapes are a gift, but they need our help to stay that way.

We could make a huge difference if we all devoted a day to cleaning up the trails, picking up those pesky plastic bottles in the park, and leaving only footprints in the sand.

Where to volunteer on National Cleanup Day:

  • Local city parks offer many benefits, from recreation to improved air quality, but they actively face litter from pedestrians.
  • National parks preserve endangered plants and wildlife but are subject to nearly 70 million pounds of waste nationwide.
  • The ocean is a vast, wonderful ecosystem, but it’s plagued by the presence of trash and debris that threaten marine life.
  • Nothing spoils a good hiking trail like stumbling upon trash left behind by visitors.

Can’t find a cleanup event near you? You can register a private cleanup with your family, friends and neighbors, or start a public cleanup for everyone in your community.

CleanSky Energy’s Commitment to Cleaning the World

2023 is the second year that CleanSky Energy has participated in National Cleanup Day. Last year we cleaned up Buffalo Bayou Park, and this year we’re back on the trails again, playing our part in keeping our city parks clean and pollution-free.

Cleaning the Air with 100% Renewable Energy Plans

By choosing CleanSky Energy, you are choosing 100% renewable energy that reduces your carbon footprint. For example, if you use an average of 2,000 kWh throughout the duration of a 12-month CleanSky Energy plan, you can offset the carbon dioxide produced by six tons of waste in a landfill.

Whether it’s powering your home with 100% renewable energy, cleaning up your local community, or making it easier to remember to change your air filters, CleanSky Energy has your back as we make the world a cleaner, more sustainable place to live.