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Our Mass Market sales channels consist of Door-to-Door, Retail Stores & Telemarketing.

All of our professional energy representatives have been thoroughly vetted and properly trained in product knowledge and compliance. More importantly, in addition to complying with our best business practices, they are required to adhere to all state rules and industry regulations. All CleanSky energy representatives are held to a higher standard.
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Verifying the Authenticity of CleanSky Energy Door-to-Door Representatives

The first and most important thing to do is verify the person is actually a CleanSky Energy representative. An authentic CleanSky Energy representative will:

• Wear clothing that has the CleanSky Energy logo. Typically they’ll be wearing a CleanSky shirt and/or jacket.

• Have a name badge with a photo, full name, company’s name, and phone number.

• Have an agent ID number on their badge.

  (Because of COVID-19)

• Energy representatives are required to wear face mask coverings

• Energy representatives are advised not to enter your home; they should conduct business outside your door’s threshold.

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Things an Energy Provider Agent Should Never Say

There are certain things that a representative should never say. If they say any of the following, consider it a red flag.
  • “You’ll save money by switching electric suppliers.”

    Consumers should be leery of claims that they can save by switching. The only way to know that for sure is to compare the energy plans being offered by suppliers in your area to the plan you currently have.

  • “I’m with the utility company.”

    Sales agents aren’t representatives for the utility company. They work for the electric supplier. If someone knocks at your door saying they are from the utility company or that they need to check your bill don’t provide them with any documentation. Ask them for identification and call us to report the incident

  • “Your current provider is going out of business so you have to switch.”

    Our representatives, and all other legitimate professionals, will not claim that a provider has gone out of business. They also won’t claim a provider has been bought out or acquired by another company.

  • “Your current supplier is raising electric rates.”

    A door-to-door representative will not have the knowledge to make this claim since they don’t know your current rate, and they have no way of knowing if the rate is increasing.

  • “There have been regulatory changes, so you need to sign this paperwork.”

    No one should come to your door requesting a signature due to regulatory changes. The public utility commission will send an official notice if there’s a regulatory change.

  • “If my supervisor calls tell them I did a good job.”

    A supervisor may call you if you opted to switch suppliers. However, this call is to verify that you did in fact request the switch. If they ask about the representative’s performance, it’s important to provide your honest opinion. You can also use the opportunity to ask questions.

How CleanSky Energy Protects You from Fraud

We’re dedicated to protecting the community and our customers. Fraud is something we take seriously and have zero tolerance for. All CleanSky Energy representatives have passed an extensive background screening process and sales training. These measures help us prevent fraud within the industry.

What to Do When Speaking to a Door-to-Door Representative
When an energy representative from any company comes to your door, it’s important to take a few steps to protect yourself from potential scams:

• Ask to see his or her ID.

• Verify the representative’s identity.

• Never provide a driver’s license or social security number.

• Read all documents completely before signing anything.

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