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Protect yourself (and your wallet) from price spikes and high electric bills with a low fixed rate from CleanSky Energy.

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Affordable Fixed Rate Energy Plans Without the CO2

The open energy market isn’t known for being the most stable—or the most eco-friendly. With a fixed-rate electricity plan from CleanSky Energy, you’ll get the peace of mind and protection you want without any of the emissions that harm the environment.

Find the Right Fixed Rate Energy Deal for Your Budget and Lifestyle

  • Affordable Wind

    3, 6 or 12 months of emissions-free electricity powered by wind turbines

    100% U.S. wind energy
    Stable, fixed rate

  • Ultra Clean Solar

    3, 6 or 12 months of emissions-free electricity powered by solar panels

    100% U.S. solar energy
    Stable, fixed rate

  • Apartment Solar

    12 months of emissions-free electricity, perfect for year-long leases

    100% U.S. solar energy
    Stable, fixed rate

More than a Name on Your Monthly Bill

CleanSky is not your typical retail electricity provider. We’re on a mission to clean up the power sector and offer quality energy prices without the overbearing terms and conditions.

We want our customers to save money, live better lives and make greener choices. And that starts with providing honest-to-goodness customer service and fair fixed rates on energy.

Hear from Real CleanSky Customers

Andrew WuAndrew Wu ★★★★★ Straight forward billNathan A GoodwinNathan A Goodwin ★★★★★ CleanSky made the process extremely easy, and they gave me a great deal! I was happy to make the switch to such a great service at a great price.Adelina M-GarciaAdelina M-Garcia ★★★★★ Cindy Huynh BuiCindy Huynh Bui ★★★★★ My contract for my current energy company was ending and Clean Sky Energy gave me a better rate than my contract renewal. The switch to Clean Sky Energy was quick, easy, and seamless. Clean Sky Energy did an amazing job of communicating and confirming the transition and I had no lapse or issues in electricity coverage. I would definitively recommend Clean Sky Energy to anyone who needs to set up new service or wants to switch service.Philip JonesPhilip Jones ★★★★★ Yanique did an excellent job of helping me get my understanding of my account information straightened out following my failure to maintain my account paperwork at home. She was very helpful - quick, thorough and very nice to work with!Queen CountryQueen Country ★★★★★ Great price for the supplier part of my energy bill! Would HIGHLY recommend them!Tony JohnsonTony Johnson ★★★★★ I like it it does save me money on my monthly billjs_loader

The Difference Between Fixed Rates and Variable Rates

If you’re new to choosing your energy company, welcome! It’s hard enough choosing a provider, let alone a plan. You’re probably wondering what’s all this talk about fixed rates, flat rates, variable rates—it can get pretty confusing. Here are the main differences:

  • Fixed rates offer price stability. With a fixed-rate plan, you lock in a specific price for a set contract term. The rate never changes, contracts keep you safe, and your energy bill is predictable based on energy usage.
  • Variable rates offer the freedom to change providers whenever you want. With variable rates, you can switch providers and plans anytime, but you expose your wallet to the open market price of energy not being on a fixed-rate contract.

There are other types of rates out there, but they’re rare. Ultimately, one’s no better than the other; it all comes down to how you want to pay for power! That’s the beauty of energy choice.

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Make the Switch to Better Power Today

Become part of the transition to cleaner energy sources today with CleanSky! Enter your ZIP code below to view our rates in your area and choose a plan that fits your needs. Price stability here we come!