Solar Electricity Plans for Your Home

Solar energy has never been more accessible—or affordable. With a solar electricity plan from CleanSky, you can reap all the benefits of solar power without a premium or the panels.

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Solar Plans that Spare the Planet and Your Wallet

That’s right. No rooftop panels. No installations. No hefty upfront costs. Starting today, you can make a difference and lower your carbon footprint by choosing to power your home with an electricity plan from pure, clean, locally sourced solar energy.

Compare Our Solar-Powered Electricity Plans

  • Ultra Clean Solar 12

    12 months of emissions-free electricity powered by solar panels

    100% U.S. solar energy
    Stable, fixed rate

  • Ultra Clean Solar 24

    2 years of emissions-free electricity powered by solar panels

    100% U.S. solar energy
    Stable, fixed rate

Electricity with a Purpose

Energy is changing, and where we get our power from is no exception. As fossil fuels dwindle in popularity, clean energy projects like solar parks and wind farms begin to grow. CleanSky is leading that charge by being one of only a few electricity providers to exclusively offer solar and wind energy.

What Our Customers Think About Us

Jasson AmayaJasson Amaya ★★★★★ Buen servicioTim CrowTim Crow ★★★★★ I just switched over from my previous provider. I messed up and had my current provider disconnect my power before finalizing my switch over. So I had lost power before I had switched. CleanSky Rep expedited my enrollment and got my power turned back on within an hour.Alicia ShayAlicia Shay ★★★★★ There was an extreme mixup with my account and I talked to Corina in Clean Sky Energy Customer Service and she was absolutely wonderful. The information I gave her was extremely complicated and she was able to comprehend what I was telling her without any problems and took care of the situation which involved the waiver of an early termination fee to my complete satisfaction. I so appreciate that Corina was able to help me and if anyone has any complaints about their customer service department I would have to say it's probably on their end and no fault of Clean Sky Energy. Thank you Corina !John MillsJohn Mills ★★★★★ We are liking our experience so far. It was easy to sign up. We are happy with the price that we got. We really appreciate buying 100% renewable for a fair price.Dr. JAMDr. JAM ★★★★★ easy to sign up and had great customer service with a quick phone call.Jake SalzmanJake Salzman ★★★★★ CleanSky Energy is a great and affordable way to 'go green'. We switched a year or so ago and the process was seamless. We have our account on autopay and still get emailed invoices each month for full transparency - but there haven't been any surprises. No hidden fees or monthly base charges.Bob ReaganBob Reagan ★★★★★ I have been pleased with CleanSky Energy, because I have been able to get very decent fixed rates. The one I currently have is for 2 years.Angela NguyenAngela Nguyen ★★★★★ My sister had recommended me to use Clean Sky Energy when I moved to Houston. The process to sign up was quick and easy! It says it would take about 48 hours to process my request and I had gotten a confirmation email less than 24 hours later. I have not had any issues setting up my electricity with them.Franklin AlvarezFranklin Alvarez ★★★★★ Alondra FraireAlondra Fraire ★★★★★ js_loader

How Our Solar Electricity Plans Work

At first, it might seem strange to think that you, too, can harness the benefits of solar power without actually owning any solar panels. But, the reality is anyone can! Here’s how it works:

  • You sign up for a solar plan with CleanSky.
  • We seamlessly switch your power over to us.
  • As you use power, we track your usage.
  • For every watt of electricity, CleanSky purchases that amount in renewable energy.
  • We then receive a certificate from the generator that certifies the power you purchase is legit.
  • You’re simultaneously lowering your carbon footprint and investing in renewable energy infrastructure!
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A Simple Switch to Solar Electricity Can Make a World of Difference

Clean energy is the future. Become a part of something greater and switch to a solar electricity plan today! Enter your ZIP code to compare plans, shop our rates and begin saving.