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Electricity and Natural Gas with a Purpose

Welcome to the future of energy! We’re CleanSky, a renewable energy company and carbon-neutral natural gas provider on a mission: we strive to bring clean electricity to all at an affordable, honest rate.

Not Your Typical Clean Energy Company

People rarely think about where their energy comes from. Fortunately, CleanSky Energy takes clean energy seriously because we sincerely care about minimizing the health and human toll pollution causes globally. We strive to provide the best plans that factor price, zero emissions, and the health & safety of mankind. Essentially, we’re cleaning up the energy sector by providing fully transparent energy plans.

Discover 100% Green Energy for Your Home

Clean, renewable energy is available across the United States thanks to CleanSky Energy.

Our Customer's Experiences

Don GoatesDon Goates ★★★★★ I phoned CleanSky Energy today to set up my online account. Yvonne was extremely helpful in getting this done. Thanks for hiring such a kind and patient customer service rep!DonTariq ChouhdryTariq Chouhdry ★★★★★ Great customer service- very professional and caring.chrischris ★★★★★ I spoke with Yessenia today to have my billing address changed. She was very courteous, and took care of my request.Anita JohnsonAnita Johnson ★★★★★ My mother-in-law's house was severely damaged during the storm in Houston on May 16, 2024. Centerpoint cut the electrical line to the house and we wanted to make sure she wasn't being charged anything until the service is restored. I spoke with Yvonne and she was so polite and helpful. Their customer service is fantastic!Juan OcampoJuan Ocampo ★★★★★ Lenny was the best and most helpful person with every problem I threw at him. Idk how much he gets paid, but it ain’t enough!Mark GibsonMark Gibson ★★★★★ Yessenia was AWESOME!!! I had several questions about setting up my new account. She was very patient and helpful. Easy setup with her help. We need more employees like this!!!Becky WadeBecky Wade ★★★★★ Yvonne was so helpful and polite, and my call was answered immediately. What a refreshing change to most customer service calls these days! Thank you, Yvonne!Samantha CastilloSamantha Castillo ★★★★★ Very good electricity company, had them from years. Recently had to cancel due to a move in address and Yvonne was very quick and helpful cancelling the account.Monica CottrellMonica Cottrell ★★★★★ I just called in to get help with my bill and Joel was very helpful. I appreciate great customer service. Joel was kind and efficient. Thank you so much!Robert BoninRobert Bonin ★★★★★ Great customer service with Yvonnejs_loader

Power Your Business with a Custom Energy Plan

Our CleanSky energy services team will custom-create a plan for your business so you can keep operating costs down while still doing good.

Harness the Power of the Breeze

Explore our residential electricity plans that run on pure, clean wind energy.

Natural Gas without the Guilt

We ensure any carbon emissions generated from using gas in your home is neutralized and put back into the ground.