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Clean electricity and carbon-offset natural gas just got a whole lot more affordable.

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Electricity and Natural Gas with a Purpose

Welcome to the future of energy! We’re CleanSky, a renewable energy company and carbon-neutral natural gas provider on a mission: bring clean electricity to all at an affordable, honest rate. We’re making it easier than ever to do good without breaking the bank.

Not Your Typical Clean Energy Company

Numerous retail electric providers across the United States still rely on old ways of doing business, often charging premiums and hoping you forget about your bill. We’re cleaning up the energy sector by providing fully transparent energy plans with rates you can trust.

Power Your Business with a Custom Energy Plan

Our CleanSky energy services team will custom-create a plan for your business so you can keep operating costs down while still doing good.

Harness the Power of the Breeze

Explore our residential electricity plans that run on pure, clean wind energy.

Natural Gas without the Guilt

We ensure any carbon emissions generated from using gas in your home is neutralized and put back into the ground.