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Ways to Stay Cool That Don’t Involve Your AC


As summer draws to a close, record high temperatures are finally beginning to decrease, but that could change at the... View Article

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Sleep comfortably with better green energy rates

Why Are Electricity Rates So High Right Now?


If you’ve been paying attention to the news, or what’s going on in your wallet, you’re likely well aware that... View Article

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Transmission Towers at Sunset

How to Prepare for a Hurricane


Hurricanes cause billions of dollars in damage each year, which doesn’t even account for the emotional toll. Lives are lost,... View Article

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Hurricane Katrina Aerial View

Going On Vacation? Save Energy at Home


Summer vacations are something a lot of families look forward to. Even a short getaway is an opportunity to relax,... View Article

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Vacation Planning Notebook Hat Sunglasses

11 Energy-Saving Tips for Summer


Summer is here and temperatures are rising across the country – but your electricity bills don’t have to! Even though... View Article

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Woman Hanging Clothes on Clothesline

Wind Energy Pros and Cons


Wind energy is picking up speed as the most-used renewable electricity generation source in the U.S. The industry has grown... View Article

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