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grid prepared for winter

Is the Grid Prepared for Winter?

02.03.23 If you’ve lived in the United States over the past few years, there’s a good chance that you heard about the devastating blackouts in Texas during the winter of 2021. Catastrophic and deadly blackouts occurred in February 2021, leaving millions of Texans without power for days in sub-freezing temperatures. This event raised serious concern about… View Article Read More
The Future of Electricity (2023 Forecast)

The Future of Electricity (2023 Forecast)

01.11.23 The world of electricity is constantly evolving, particularly as we’re looking for ways to get closer to a greener, more sustainable future. Today, many economic, geopolitical, and trade issues may contribute to the uncertainty of availability and affordability, which can be unsettling for our lives (and our wallets). We know traditional energy sources are being… View Article Read More
Sleep comfortably with better green energy rates

Ways to Stay Cool That Don’t Involve Your AC

09.28.22 As summer draws to a close, record high temperatures are finally beginning to decrease, but that could change at the drop of a hat (especially in Texas). As the mercury descends, it becomes easier to rely more heavily on cooling mechanisms beyond the AC. Follow these tips to stay cool during the hot months. Turn… View Article Read More
Transmission Towers at Sunset

Why Are Electricity Rates So High Right Now?

08.16.22 If you’ve been paying attention to the news, or what’s going on in your wallet, you’re likely well aware that inflation is the highest it’s been in decades. Prices are up across the board and we’re all feeling the effects at the pump, in the grocery store, and on our electricity bills. In Texas, the… View Article Read More
Wind turbines

7 Types of Renewable Energy and Impact in Our Future

01.04.22 As time goes on, technology evolves, and we become better at doing things. Over time, medicine has improved, building materials have improved, informational technology has improved, and the way we create energy has also improved. As a result, coal and other fossil fuels are headed out the door, and renewable energy is ushering in a… View Article Read More
Wind and Solar Energy

Why the Future of Energy Hinges on Wind and Solar

10.01.21 NASA has said it: “Human activities (primarily the burning of fossil fuels) have fundamentally increased the concentration of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere, warming the planet.” We know that climate change is real, and we are already starting to see its effects, from extreme droughts and rising seas to stronger hurricanes and shrinking ice caps…. View Article Read More

What to Expect for Renewable Energy Projects in 2019

07.13.20 Renewable energy projects were marked by distinctive trends and characteristics in 2018: A frothy M&A market driven by a crush of liquidity and a shortage of project supply. A highly competitive environment among investors and lenders for an inadequate supply of projects. Continued focus on alternative off take structures with shorter tenors, such as corporate… View Article Read More