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Electricity Bill

7 Reasons Why Your Electric Bill is So High


At some point, you’ve probably looked down at your electric bill and wondered why it was so high. Surely, charging... View Article

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Ways to Save Energy This Winter

How to Identify and Reduce Vampire Electricity Use


What if you could save $200 on your yearly power costs without disrupting your lifestyle? Well, according to Cornell University’s... View Article

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rhode island best places to live

Delaware Facts


With fewer than one million residents and a total area not much larger than Anchorage, Alaska, the state of Delaware... View Article

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What to Expect for Renewable Energy Projects in 2019


Renewable energy projects were marked by distinctive trends and characteristics in 2018: A frothy M&A market driven by a crush... View Article

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delaware facts

Rhode Island – Best places to live


Rhode Island is like one of those tiny hors d’oeuvres at a nice restaurant; it barely takes up a 10th... View Article

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Connecticut Approves Wind Farm


Revolution Wind will be Connecticut’s first offshore wind farm Ørsted US Offshore Wind said on December 20 that it received... View Article

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